Year Released: 1976rnDirector: Jack DeveaurnStudio: Hand in Hand FilmsrnrnCast: Dennis Walsh (aka Brian Haines), Compton Payne, Megan Ross, Peter Thadliski, John Meyers, Darc Traid, Ron Leigh, Rene Sage, John Tyme, Larry Marshall, Mark Ekwall (non-sexual), Mark Woodward (non-sexual)rnrnThis classic gay porn movie from Jack Deveau and Hand in Hand Films presents Mr. Bare America winner — smooth and slim Dennis Walsh — as a young man (Billy), a good-looking, resourceful, if unsuccessful, New York actor who has combined his theatrical instincts, his need for money and his over-active sex drive into a successful part-time career as a hustler.rnrnHe cultivates his clientele: a youthful British businessman (Compton Payne), his surly landlord (Peter Thadliski), a dentist (Larry Marsland; a dildoing dentist at that!), a swinging married couple (John Tyme and Rene Sage), a man interested in athletic sex (Darc Traid), a virgin suburbanite (Ron Leigh), and a midnight phone sex caller (John Meyers) that keeps Billy hard and horny. Plenty of dirty talk, rimming, long-dicking, fucking on a ladder, and orgasms are featured.rnrnFor each client, Dennis plays a different role, satisfying his own actor's ego and the client's needs for sexual fantasy. Billy's first encounter happens in the basement with the super of his building. Dressed in a leather jacket and torn jeans, this scene features the super using a washer for a cockring and an oil can for lube, fucking Billy's ass.rnrnAt the gym, Billy has a jockstrapped wrestling session with a toned, mustached black man. The black man again humps Billy's ass, after telling Billy, "I like to work up a sweat behind some dude." They then kiss and make love in the shower.rnrnIn the menage session (instigated after a great pick up/interview segment between the three at a bar), the woman fucks her hole with a vibrator as Billy plugs her husband and they listen to her dirty talk.rnrnThe best scene features Billy at the dentist, receiving gas. Billy changes roles with the man and puts clamps onto his tits. He proceeds to shove a dildo up the man's butt in the dentist chair. All this is accompanied by strange whispers and an overall trippy audio track.rnrnWhat really needs to be expressed about this film, before any kind of dramatic assessments or poetic waxing, is that it is a masterpiece–plain and simple. Famed director Jack Deveau made a most beautiful and beguiling blue movie with this well acted, amazingly shot, brilliantly edited trip through the life of a New York City hustler/actor, played by the boyishly scrumptious Dennis Walsh. In less than ninety-minutes we see Walsh, as Billy The Kid, engage in an astounding variety of sex acts with an equally astounding variety of johns (and even one jane).rnrnWanted: Billy The Kid doesn't feature the kind of sex we are used to seeing these days, every scene moves in and out of shadows, the camera explores bodies to the point of abstraction, yet the whole of this film is startlingly erotic–the sum of these parts is pure sexual pleasure. Billy, a treat of a man who looks like Billy Crudup, rolls around in bed with a dark-haired hottie. They suck each other, kiss, and jerk off. The phone rings in the middle of their heated exchange and a voice talks dirty into Billy's answering machine.rnrnThe breathy, explicit language of the unseen voice adds a dark dimension to Billy and his trick's muddled but intense coupling. The trick cums, smears his jizz around his cock, and wipes the funk up with his sheer white underpants. He makes another appointment for Billy's services and quickly leaves. Billy then goes about his day-showering, meeting up with his fellow hard-up actor and best friend Karen.


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