Under the Sheets


Some of the hottest sex starts with a kiss, a cuddle or a roving hand under the sheets when you're there with a horny buddy. Yuki's there with newly brunette twink Haru, and they start with just those cuddles and innocent kisses. But once they get a hold of each other's throbbing tools, the sheets come down, their pajamas fly off and they're off to the races! After sliding down to tease Haru's tender nips, Yuki keeps moving till he's face to face with his buddy's swelling crotch. Obviously he's not going to pass up the chance to slurp, suck and swallow, to Haru's loud groans of appreciation. Haru returns the favor, then things heat up even more when Yuki buries his face in Haru's smooth butt. Before you know it, he's lubing his bare cock and sliding into Haru's twitching asshole. Plowing in from on top, behind or side by side, these two Asian horndogs can't keep their genitals away from each other's mouths and booties. When Yuki moans and speeds up, Haru presses back into his rough thrusts. Just in time Yuki pulls out and slathers Haru's slick ass crack with a creamy wad of pure 100% man juice.


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