Tora's Initiation


New Japanboyz recruit Tora is already well-known in Japan for his social media and fan site contributions. Wow! This diminutive guy is very youthful looking, prompting us to rush in and check out his ID. He's 22 verified years old, and knows his way around a hot dick. And that's just what veteran model Akira has to offer. Lying back and clearly already turned on, Tora breathes in deeply as Akira nibbles on his nips and rubs a curious hand over the new guy's crotch. He reaches up to unleash Akira's big thick tool out of his flowery briefs, pops it into his mouth like a lolly. Akira strips Tora naked and feeds him a stiff cock as he hangs his head over the end of the mattress. Akira bends forward over Tora's slim chest and drills a finger into his tight hole. Tora wants dick, his legs springing up and apart as Akira opens his hole with long fingers and a dollop of lube. Tora's legs wrapped around his waist, Akira lets his achingly hard cock slide in deep as Tora moans. The hot young fucker climbs on to get a ride on Akira's thick pole, then settles to hands and knees to get his ass rammed from behind. Akira slides forward and humps Tora's ass in a tight sweaty screw. Locked in a tight juicy kiss, Akira feels a load welling up inside. He pulls out and starts beating next to Tora's face. A juicy wad streams out and Tora's tongue catches the first drips. Bathed in cum he smiles, and both wave a happy goodbye to the camera.


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