Toppping Yusaku


Sometimes, turnabout is not just fair play, but a lot of unexpected fun. We know Yusaku as an edgy, tatted and pierced stud whose reputation is as a cool, tough top. Meanwhile, sexy muscleman Reach is more often a cockhungry bottom for bigger or tougher guys. But that's not the way this hookup is headed! From the deep, soulful kisses when they get started to the passion and connection Yusaku and Reach share, this is not your ordinary Japanboyz fuck scene. Reach is here to top Yusaku, and both guys are 1000% into these unexpected roles.

Yusaku's butt is starved for a good deep fuck, and Reach is up for that HOT duty. They take turns sucking cock and rimming booties, then Reach's long stiff woody drills deep into Yusaku's ass. The edgy hipster wears a blissed-out expression that shows how much he needs to kick back and let someone else "do the driving" this time. Reach is absolutely into the topping role, gives his all and fills Yusaku with hot, juicy raw dick. They can't keep this up for long, can they? But they do! Eventually, they're both doing their best to hold back, but aching to let their loads splatter.

With Yusaku's legs wrapped tight around him, Reach speeds up, gets into firing position. A deep probing kiss later, he has to pull out to spray his heavy load across Yusaku's lean-muscled chest. He leans in to lick Yusaku's tender nips, and sends his buddy over the edge as well. A thick creamy wad geysers out and drips down Yusaku's heavy PA ring and down his foreskin into the puddles of cum Reach already left. Reach lets a gob of cum dangle off his fingers and licks it up then snowballs it to a happy, satisfied Yusaku.


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