Year Released: 1985rnDirector: Al ParkerrnStudio: Surge StudiornCast: Pierce Daniels, Alex Lago, Drake Cass (aka Blake Cass), Rick Taylor, Daniel Holt, David Ashfield, Eric Ross, Rex Morgan (aka Buck Hayes), Rich Parsons (aka Paul Howell, aka Arturo Bardewyck), Shawn Roberts, Tico PattersonrnrnWith a plot similar to other Al Parker videos, this video has a central character serving as a springboard for the performers to launch into tales about sexual exploits.rnrnBearded psychiatrist Daniel Holt treats patients with sexual problems and gets off by listening to their fantasies and escapades. There is some humor in the film but little in the way of surprises or really good sex, thus making the video a disappointment overall, especially in comparison to Parker's other productions.rnrnDespite the threat of arrest, Shawn Roberts can't stop having sex in public washrooms when he sees blond and cute Drake Cass's beautifully uncut and long cock poking through a glory hole. Shawn licks the shiny cockhead through the foreskin as he plays with his own penis and rubs the nipples protruding from his hairy chest. Shawn ends up taking the dude's cum on his face.rnrnAnother patient tells the doctor that he likes dangerous situations. He enters an alley where two men are hanging out and sucks one of them off through his chaps. The second man whips out his foreskinned, cockringed meat and gets it beat off while watching the blowjob. Anal sex leads to a three-way and squeezed balls leading to orgasms.rnrnSuper-hunk Rex likes to show off and admires himself in front of a mirror, taking out his big schlong and beating off to a copy of Mr. Muscles. The last segment, probably the best due to David Ashfield's ambitious performance, has David dreaming that he won the lottery.rnrnUpon picking up his loot, David plows the bank manager's butt in the vault over bars of gold. David chatters non-stop throughout the segment and adds to the humor of the film.rnrnOne Bijou reviewer wrote:rnrnLegendary Al Parker takes another directing turn, serving up bearded cupcake Daniel Holt as a psychiatrist with an enviable clientele. The first client, Shawn Roberts, is a beefy, tan blond with the uncontrollable impulse to fuck in a public restroom. He spills the details of two recent encounters, both of which end in jail time and a hefty fine.rnrnThe second one must surely have been worth it because he pulls out of the second guy's meaty ass and jacks a pearly white load onto the back of the bottom's black tank top. The second patient's confession is even racier, as he describes exposing himself and submitting completely to two strangers in a dark alley. Precondom enthusiasts will get a very dirty thrill when the patient admits to the shrink in a humiliated voice, "All they use is spit!!" The second top in the alley is totally flaccid and undermines an otherwise hot scene.rnrnBut the second half of this gay porn film gets much better. The next patient is the heartthrob physique model Rex Morgan, whose disorder involves public jacking. His sly therapist arranges for his secretary to feign an emergency so that Rex is alone in the office under Daniel's surveillance through a two-way mirror. Finally, the perpetually underrated David Ashfield confesses to a recurring dream in which he wins the lottery, but gives it all away for sexual favors. This scene wins the award for most improbable setting, a very real looking bank vault full of gold bullion.rnrnDavid is the best top here, but Daniel is the heart and humor of this exceedingly memorable film.


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