Yoshi Kawasaki



Edgy kinkster Yusaku lies in bed, not ready to sleep. Once he notices the camera, natural exhibitionism takes over and his hand goes to his oversized cock. Playing to an imagined audience, he shows off his lean tatted body and split tongue. Undies come down and he grabs the Prince Albert ring through the head of his dick. Heavy eyes barely open, only the throbbing of his meat keeps him awake as he pulls the foreskin up over his head. Quiet moans get louder as his cock springs to stiff, fuck-ready life. His hand beats faster and he yanks at his smooth shaved nuts. Yusaku rises to his knees and stares down at his big uncut tool. He's ready to blow. His balls pull up tight and his legs splay open as a thick load streams out. Scraping the cum up in his painted nails, he drips a glistening drop onto his split tongue, letting his juicy finger rest between the quivering halves.


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