Stick It To Me, Pixie!


Far from a sprite, fairy or other mythical being, Pixie is a hot Latino top with a hard, dripping tool ready to drill into any dickhungry bottom. Lucky Mexican Chimal is the handsome cock-worshipper ready to bend over and take it like a man. He's more than happy to get a Pixie Stick up his bussy. Both horndogs are tatted and tough, with Pixie adorned with a thick black neck chain and a few earrings dangling from his pierced lobes and Chimal sporting a nose ring that makes him look like a horny bull ready for breeding. First step and the two studs jack their thick cocks together. When Chimal gets his fist around Pixie's big tool he drops onto his knees to get a musky mouthful. He sprawls across Pixie's lean body with legs spread wide, as Pixie opens up his ass with a wet probing tongue. From there it's only a quick hop forward til Chimal's slick open booty is just above Pixie's throbbing dick. Pixie thrusts in raw all the way to his hairy root. Grabbing a muscular cheek in each hand he drills up and in balls deep. Chimal bends forward to lock lips with the hard-screwing top. Pixie pumps into Chimal from behind as the dazed bottom gasps for breath. He rolls over and wraps his ankles around Pixie's slim hips, and Pixie holds him by the throat. Things heat up to the boiling point and Pixie pulls out just in time to fire off a wad across Chimal's smiling face. Lapping down every spurt, Chimal milks a thick splatter onto his furry trail. Growling like feral creatures, the two fuck-crazed barebackers suck face and catch their breath.


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