Squeaky Clean And Sexy


Few things are hotter to see than filthy raw sex that's squeaky clean and fresh from the shower at the same time. Handsome Hiroya soaks down hot twink Kenchi in the shower, soaps up his firm round ass, then they towel off and get kissing. on the bed, their sex play heats up with Hiroya burying his face in the crack of Kenchi's sparking fresh butthole. Soon he's sliding his raw dick balls deep into Kenchi's hungry hole. Kenchi likes to give some hearty moans to signal when he's really turned on, and that just spurs Hiroya to fuck harder, deeper and longer.

When things are too hot to hold back, Kenchi lets his sexy buddy fuck the load right out of him. Then Hiroya pulls out to splatter Kenchi's tight little waist with puddles of fresh hot cream.


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