Showin' My Balls


The Sexy William Steele showed up and needed some extra funds. JS Wild quickly remembered how his balls hung nice and loose plus how nicely hairy he keeps them and said Fuck yea.rnrnWe know how this hot stud loves to talk while busting a nut and this time was no different! During his photo shoot we talked and quickly caught up on all the sex and crazy times he's been having. This young stud loves the camera and is very easy to take pics of, especially nude! So the mood is set and as we talk he remembers things that JS Wild loves about his balls and starts making Wild very happy! Things like flopping his sexy balls all over his legs as he rolls around on the bed and moves from a laying position to and kneeling one, always making sure I get all the right angles to make his balls look great! Then once on his knees he remembered that I love it when his balls move up and down by his control, and it make me week in the fucking knees myself!rnrnJob well done sexy man once we stopped talking and his cock was rock hard and the low hangin balls full of cum, he blasted that load all over the bed so we all could see. He smirked knowing he did another fine job of being eye candy and making us want more!


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