Santini Balls Are Back


Well the sexy hot Latin boy Javier returns back to the set! He makes his entrance in only his underwear and socks as he jumps on the bed where he has his toys all ready for his enjoyment. He quickly lubes up the male cock toy and strokes it as he plays with his own dick. It's fun watching him stoke his toy as he's getting himself hard. You can tell he's wanting a real dick to enjoy but this will do when no one is a round.rnrnOnce he got his cock to the point that he can start using his masturbator, he lays back and enjoys the feel and sound of his cock and balls being pleasured. He makes sure he keeps his eye on that big dildo that keeps him turned on as he keep lots of lube on his own cock and balls.rnrnWe get an up close and personal view of him stroking his cock and playing with his tight young balls. Fuck it's so hot watching him keep stroking as we hear the wetness of each stroke.rnrnNow he's been at it for a bit and JS Wild knew just what the boy needed and started playing and tugging on Javier's tight balls. Man he loves just having his balls and sweet hairy hole tickled by light touch and pulling on his sack in between. It was hot when he started moaning and said it was time to cum.rnrnJavier starts beating his cock faster until we see cum gushing and oozing out of his thick shaft. He keeps beating and his cum goes everywhere. After most would stop beating Javier keeps enjoying the feeling of his cock throbbing as he keeps jacking and playing with his cum. We knew he enjoyed when we saw the smile at the end.


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