Ramu's Magic Booty


Handsome 20-something twink Ramu has a way of inspiring the Japanboyz tops to reach new levels of hard, unbridled lust. This time it's usually stoic Asian stud Kurosuke who's the latest to fall under his erotic spell. They begin kissing, exchange some juicy oral and 69, and Kurosuke can't resist rubbing an eager finger over Ramu's tight little pucker. Soon he's drilling a finger or two deep inside, and Ramu's satisfied groans spur Kurosuke to slide his raw bareback cock in to the fuzzy root.

They start out fucking smoothly and passionately, then speed up and let their natural drives run wild. Beautiful Ramu climbs on to grind his butt onto Kuro's stiff tool, then the horny top rams it in from missionary position. When he pulls out to let his spooge splatter, Ramu is right there with him as both hot and driven Japanese rawfuckers squirt their creamy wads across Ramu's smooth, tight belly.


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