Pajama Playmates


Toyosuke and his new bedtime buddy Zen snuggle up kissing in their crisp white patterned traditional Asian pajamas.As their affection turns more erotic, Zen slides down to flick his tongue across Toyo's pert little nips. Working his way down, he takes Toyosuke's cock into his hot wet mouth and nurses on it. Eyes dreamily half-closed, Toyo lets out a low moan. Things get louder as Zen's talented tongue makes contact with Toyo's hole. Lubing and opening his buddy up, Zen prepares to slide his big dick in bare and natural. But first Toyo wants to get his mouth around it, sucks hard as it swells even longer and thicker. They strip naked and 69 each other's raging hardons. On his hands and knees, Toyo positions his ass in Zen's face for one last lick, and Zen gets that hungry hole juicy and slick. Toyosuke groans with pleasure as Zen slowly eases his cock inside. Reaching hands around Toyosuke's tight muscled chest, zen begins thrusting. Gritting his teeth as the pleasure takes over, Toyo grabs the edge of the mattress. Zen rolls him to his back and tweaks his nips as his strokes get deeper, racing toward a big juicy splash. As he puls out, a stream of cum rockets out onto Toyo's tight abs. With Zen at his side, Toyosuke milks out his own creamy wad.


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