Oliver's First Fuck Into A Fleshlight


Scrotally blessed dreamboat Oliver Dean is back and plowing his big cock into a fleshlight while his low-danglers are bobbing and bouncing below. Lubed and slick, his cock slides in like buttah as his hand guides the toy down his shaft like a missile. Now sporting deep chestnut-colored hair, goodlooking Oliver confesses it's his first crack at the fleshlight "and I love it."rnrnDean's nuts are pulled up tight with his trademark low leftie hanging below the right sperm tank. Both balls are on alert as Oliver's first time inside the enticing clear tube has got him horny and ready to blow. A whistling swish accompanies each stroke as the fleshlight slides down to smack Oliver's downy pubes. He lets it pop off his cock and SPLAT! The cum's spurting all over his chest and abs. "That was great–I definitely think I found me a new play toy!" The fleshlight gets our handsome stud's highest recommendation.


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