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Nippon Nights: Obsidian – Yoshi Kawasaki


Preparing for a wet, sticky scene, inked up Asian muscle daddy Damian Dragon and his tatted son Yoshi splatter a thick coat of oily black goo over their heads, soon coating their entire bodies in shiny black gunge. Hands reach down to jerk each other's swelling tools, and Damian chews on the ring through Yoshi's gleaming black nipple.

Lying back, Yoshi offers up his hungry ass to Daddy and gets a hole plowed full of stiff cock. Yoshi grabs both their dicks in his fist as streams of hot piss fly up between them. Pushing in a plunger, Damian loads Yoshi's pussy with lube and drills in deep. Pulling out, he runs his hand over Yoshi's blackened rosebud as the lube shoots out. While Daddy Damian kisses him, Yoshi milks out a splatter of hot white cum that Damian drips off his hands into his son's mouth then shares the taste.


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