When Haru became one of our Japanboyz last year, he was a blond Asian bottom with a big cock. Now dark-haired again, he's decided to put that oversized tool to good use and has shown himself to be a powerful young top. He and Kenchi start out in long traditional Japanese robes, kissing and groping each other's crotches. But in a flash they're shrugging off their clothes and any sense of propriety or tradition. Once mouth meets cock and tongue meets butthole, their action is filthy and IMproper, just the way we like it. Kenchi gets loud in his enjoyment of Kenchi's probing finger and lapping tongue. Enjoying yes, but he clearly wants more. And Haru's up to the task. Kenchi climbs on to straddle Haru's narrow hips and treat himself to a rip-roaring dick ride. Haru rolls him over and plows in from behind. Once Kenchi's on his back with legs up and wrapped around the horny top, things are heating up past the boiling point. Kenchi has to let off the steam with a big juicy cumshot, spraying his sperm across his crotch and up to his chest. Haru pulls out and joins the fun with a creamy wad of his own.


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