Kosuke Cums with Kenchi


Stolid, rock-solid Kosuke and adventurous, kinky Kenchi would seem to be almost opposites, but put them alone in a room together and sure enough, they find the one thing that binds guys together despite all their differences–hot, uninhibited sex, with a close connection. They start out kissing passionately, then Kosuke slips down to nibble on Kenchi's sensitive nips. Then he slides Kenchi's sport briefs off to get at the handsome twink's smooth tan cock. Kenchi follows suit, giving Kosuke's nipples little love bites then getting HIMSELF a musky mouthful of Kosuke's stiffening dick. They share a mutual suckfest in a passionate 69.

But it's not all even-steven. Kenchi wants his ass rammed full to the brim, and Kosuke's itching to feel Kenchi's hot juicy hole twitching around his hard shaft. So each has his role, and they're more than happy with that. Kosuke lubes up a few fingers and slides them deep into Kenchi's hungry hole, giving his buddy a tender kiss on the meaty butt cheek. Kenchi rises up to hands and knees, and Kosuke grabs his skinny hips and plows in. As he pumps away, a rivulet of creamy lube drizzles out of Kenchi's ass and down Kosuke's nuts. He steps back from Kenchi just a moment–wouldn't want things heating up too fast! Kenchi straddles Kosuke's muscular waist and grinds his booty down onto every hard thrust. When things speed toward a hot creamy splash, they lock their lips in a deep connected kiss. Kenchi's first to blast his load, spraying his lean little waist. Kosuke finally pulls out and adds his sticky puddle as these two buds settle down for a well-earned cuddle


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