Koki Gets Kouya Off(Line)


How could anybody resist adorable Koki when he's doing his hardest to coax you into a night of scorching hot fucking? Somehow, golden boy Asian star Kouya is too immersed in cruising online via his mobile phone, and poor Koki's very frustrated, not to mention blueball'ed and horny. But eventually Kouya's cock pops up and he notices the sexy Asian beauty right in front of him. Congratulations Koki, you got Kouya offline! Now, what are you going to do to get him off?

Both these Japanese studs are versatile, so it's a coin toss to figure who wants to be the top. Tonight Koki's played coy boy enough, and wants to dominate Kouya's tight little ass. The flaxen-haired Asian is more than happy giving it up to Koki tonight. After some kisses, cuddles and nip-tweaking, Koki slides down to slurp on Kouya's cock and smooth booty. Kouya gets into the idea and soon they're 69'ing, licking and sucking like there's no tomorrow. Then it's time for Koki to ram his raw cock in. Kouya moans with delight. Somehow we figured once Koki got Kouya back into real-time, in person sex, he'd perk up and join in the funsies. Kouya climbs on to grind his ass onto Koki's big hard dick, and things heat up. Koki sucks on Kouya's throbbing hole, and can;t hold back another moment. A few strokes and he plasters Kouya's ass with hot Asian sperm. Kouya's only one step behind, milking out a hot creamy wad onto his lean, muscular abs.


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