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Iris And Eli


FROCK THE WORLD presents Iris (She/Her) and Eli ( He/Him) in Iris+ Eli, a sexy trans love scene.

Iris and Eli are a couple, and you’d know that if you saw they way they look at each other.
We asked them to describe the sexual and the response was ‘ It’s very Mommy/Puppy.’

Iris tends to take the dominant role and that’s a-ok with Eli (aka Pup Eli) who is a perfect subby match for Iris’ energy. It’s so hot to watch these two play and bask in the full pleasure of their relationship.

Eager to please, Iris kneels between Eli's legs, her tongue tracing patterns along his inner thighs. She takes her time, savoring the taste of Eli's . With each flick of her tongue, Eli's moans grow louder, his body trembling with pleasure. Iris can't resist any longer. She positions herself above Eli, their eyes locked in a passionate gaze. Slowly, she sinks down onto Eli, gasping at the feeling of their connection. They move together, finding a rhythm that drives them both wild. Their bodies writhe in ecstasy, their moans filling the room.

As their pleasure intensifies, Iris leans forward, capturing Eli's lips in a deep, passionate kiss. Their tongues dance together, mirroring the intensity of their fucking The room fills with the symphony of their desire, their bodies moving in perfect harmony.

With each thrust, their love and desire for one another grows. They lose themselves in the pleasure, the world outside fading away. In this intimate moment, they are free to express their love and explore the depths of their desires. As they reach the peak of their passion, their bodies shudder with release. They collapse into each other's arms, their bodies spent but their hearts full. They revel in the afterglow, basking in the warmth of their post sex buzz.


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