Peter Fever

Introducing Alon Kemey


London-based Alon Kemey is at heart still an island boy from the Philippines. Scampering along the Mediterranean beaches of Southern Spain comes natural to him, him long thick mane of black hair bouncing in the soft breeze. Naturally athletic, Alon swears he can't live without his usual CrossFit routine.

His first gay experience came during boarding school with a boy known affectionately as "Cyborg" who now is a husband and father. Nowadays his type is diverse but quite specific. Alon doesn't worry about build, color, age or other usual criteria, but he does "schwing!" for someone who's spent a few years locked up in prison. He's into his "bad boys".

Alon's most proud of his meaty round butt, developed by doing all that CrossFit. It's smooth, golden brown and perfectly thick and muscular. A recent convert to doing studio porn, he's a past winner of "best fan site" at the European Grabbys.

Once Alon settles onto his hotel bed, an eager hand darts down to his swelling crotch. He lets his eyelids droop closed as he fantasizes and lets the warm erotic surge take over. He lies back, slowly stroking, and soon peels out of his black sport briefs. His cock and tight balls are a sexy mahogany brown, and his hand grips them loosely as he works up to a full hard woody. he rolls over to give us a good look at that renowned ass, his hole smooth and tightly puckered. His ebony eyes glare straight into the camera lens as he slowly hits his peak and gets ready to shoot. A few fingers on his sensitive butthole send him straight into a juicy splatter of orgasm, and big splashes of sticky cum dribble down Alon's smooth hard abs. His serious fuckboy expression melts into a mischievous smile as we fade out.


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