He's Nacho Date


He's hung, sexy, and utterly charming, but tonight he's Nacho date. Nacho's settled in for a hot night alone with his big uncut tool. Sitting sprawled across the couch, he hikes up the hem of his basketball shorts to let his thick monster meat creep out and give us a gander at what he's packing. He reaches down and starts stroking, but is very aware of giving us a seductive stare or licking his lip for our benefit. And it's working. By the time he's naked, groping his stiff dick, and looming above us as he stares down into the camera, he's pretty hard to resist. Nacho takes a little break to flirt with the camera. Lying face down with his round perfect ass pointed up, he shoots a winsome smile before he sits back up to finish the self-pleasuring he started. When his load cums geysering out, he lets it drizzle down his palm and down his smooth thigh. Nacho knows that he doesn't have to hurry, can be the sexy loverboy he wants, and leave us as horned up and satisfied as he is when he drifts into his drowsy post-orgasm coma.


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