Hacienda's Hairy Sack


Anthony Hacienda is a fur-lover's dream cum true, a scruffy, swarthy Mediterranean stud with a nice crop framing his chest and every inch below the waist covered in dark downy hair. When the camera lovingly pans down to his crotch, you can almost taste the musk clinging to the furry crack, hairy legs, and big heavy nutsack with its crop of thick, silky black down.

Hacienda nibbles his lip as he slowly pays worship to his manly huevos and big stiff cock. And he's not the only one turned on by his furry majesty, as the director leans in to get a piece of the fuzzy action. Two hairy dicks and tight nutsacks are better than one as they beat their long tools together. Anthony spurts his sperm onto the director's dickhead and licks it off lovingly. The director pays back that juicy care with a tasty load that drips down Hacienda's lips into the dark stubble of his scruffy beard.


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