Damn, I do enjoy each time calls me up; always a hottie to hit. Today, I think I'll add a bit extra to the scene; my partner Jay better dust off his cock, as well as his hole. Walking through the door, Jay says hello to my cock with his mouth. Eager to be fucked, he starts out by riding me and likes all the ways in which I position him. I do think he enjoys it best when I have him on his belly; Jay gives me his arms to hold behind his back. Getting a bit rough, the boy just moans for more. When I put him in a missionary position, he starts to jerk so, I ask him if he wants to top me; a bit surprised, Jay is soon up for the task and happily sliding in. It has been a while since I bottomed; my wife hasn't used her strap-on in me for a bit. With just a few thrusts, Jay blows his load in the condom. Going back in his hole, we both then have a nice happy ending to our flip fuck. Expanding his on-screen abilities, Gabe is the other model for this film.


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