Fuck Me, Masked Man!


Who wouldn’t gladly offer his ass to a dashing Latino in a gleaming black bandit mask? That masked srud is horsehung Code 5, who likes to stay masked for his videos but occasionally reveals his sexy face for photos. Anyway, versatile Rafael certainly has no complaints, even when Code 5 is grabbing him by the curly hair or gagging him with a deep face fucking. There’s no foreplay with these hot bareback Colombians who start with cocksucking from the very first seconds on meeting up. Rafael likes the taste of Code 5’s musky mantool even when his head is hanging off the bed and that big cock is crammed far down his hungry throat.

But as tasty as that uncut dick is, sucking and rimming aren’t the main event. Code 5 is eager to drill his ass-splitter deep and rough into Rafael’s cockstarved hole. Getting his hole stretched wide open and plowed full, Rafael’s facial expression is equal parts ecstasy and exquisite torture. Code 5 is in no hurry, blasting open Rafael and feeling every inch of his throbbing love canal. But things heat up inevitably till both studs are ready to geyser their big creamy wads. Code 5’s fuck rhythm speeds up to “11” and he can’t hold back a moment longer. He pulls out and drenches Rafael’s furry crack in sticky sperm. Satisfied, they lie in each other’s arms for a minute, but no doubt ready for the next round.


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