Hot Dick, Pretty Feet

Lenin II is a great-looking Latino twentysomething who spices up his jerking session with some xtra attention to his ass and sexy feet. At first sight, he's slouched across the bed with his clean, smooth feet front and center in a closeup. he kneads and rubs them, and his cock responds as it swells in his boxers. diving a hand in, he pulls out his tool and plays with his loose musky foreskin. In no particular hurry to shoot his wad, Lenin takes his time stroking and petting his hot body and hotter little butt. When he stands and smiles down at the camera, he spreads his legs wide open to give us a good look at his firm round ass and a peek at the hole between those muscular cheeks.

With a serious look on his face, Lenin focuses on his big uncut tool, stroking with a juicy lubed hand. Soon it's time to let his load fly free, and he breathes faster, groaning to signal his nuts are pulling up tight and into firing position. Holding his balls in the other hand, a hot creamy wad comes spurting out in a volley of shots, soaking his palm and fingers. The camera wanders down to give us one last big closeup of Lenin's tightly packed hairy ballsack as he lies back to relax.


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