Get Your Dick Outta My Dad

Get Your Dick Outta My Dad
As soon as he arrives at his friend’s house for a slumber party, Jake Preston notices how hot Dylan’s dad, Brogan, is! But Jake and his boyfriend, Kane Fox, are there to hang out with their buddy, not lust after the hot bearded daddy… or are they? Jake gets horny as Dylan and Kane play some Anal Cumbat and rubs the bottom’s ass, then jacks off, and Kane sneakily sucks the top’s dick until Brogan catches them! After lights out, the twinks try to be quiet as they fuck in spoon position on the living room floor. The guys suck each other, then Kane rides the top before getting pounded in doggystyle till he orgasms, then gets fucked missionary and covered in Jake’s cum!
During the slumber party, Kane Fox gets up to pee in the middle of the night, and he’s not the only one. When he hears hot bearded daddy Brogan coming, he hides in the shower to try to catch a glimpse of his cock. Kane takes a tumble and the top rescues him, then gives him the hard doggystyle fuck he’s been craving. The bottom gets his hole rimmed, then rides Brogan’s cock. Kane sucks the daddy before jacking off till he cums as he gets pounded in missionary, then Brogan shoots on his hole before the twink returns to the slumber party.
The morning after his son’s friends stay over, blond, bearded Brogan is waking up with some coffee in the kitchen when twink Jake Preston wanders in with his morning wood sticking out of his boxers! “The early bird gets the worm,” as Brogan says, and when he bends over in front of the fridge, Jake seizes the day to fuck the daddy’s hole. Brogan sucks the top, and the twink rims him, then fucks him doggystyle over the kitchen island. Brogan cums as he gets pounded in missionary, then Jake drills him in spoon and shoots all over the daddy’s hole.
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