Dickless Men

Dickless Men
7 all new scenes featuring men with no dicks caged and locked up! Dickless Men is a new Treasure Island Media pornstash collection of scenes with guys who are caged and locked up, several FTM trans men and one nullo.

What is a nullo you might ask?

After releasing our pornstash movie Bussy, we got tons of requests for more content with trans guys – and damn – they are represented in Dickless Men. Some of the most handsome studs including Aiden Dean, Chance Hart, and Stevie Trixx are paired up with top fuckers Joel Someon and Jackson Fader.

Caged and locked up in chastity men. We see you. Your dicks are unimportant and your cocks are put away in contraptions so you can devote your holes to superior meat to use, fuck and breed you. Gunnar Gates, Pup Lux, Bobby Ryker, and Zac Snow have long forgotten they had dicks as they get rammed and seeded by the manhoods of Price Flackoo, Ian Holmes, Magic Mike Hung, Mason Lear, Ezra Scott, Drew Sebastian, Shadow, and Ethan Sinns.

Finally, in what has got to be a porn first – nullo Scoty gets together with Ryan Sebastian and is fisted and left gaping, showing off one of the most extraordinary rosebuds you will ever see.

Director: Elliot Wilder

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