Czech Hunter 40

Czech Hunter 40
I came across a spooky abandoned farm where young people like to have parties. So I set out to investigate the place. I bumped into a dude leaning against an old machine. There were no young people throwing parties… only him. Well, the guy was 21 years old, lean, and very cute. It took some convincing but eventually, he agreed to have some country-side fun with me. He was a real stud, not only he gave me an absolutely amazing blowjob, but he also endured my super horny cock destroying his tiny asshole.

I went to a stadium looking for footballers but before I got there, I found a smoking hot dude sitting in the street. When we found a discreet spot, the real fun started. He had a cock almost as big as mine and tried to earn the money really hard. The dude was very inexperienced so both blowjob and anal were a bit difficult and messy…Still, being first in a guy’s ass is always worth any trouble.

I spent this whole miserable day hunting but couldn’t find anyone willing to even talk to me. I saw a car parked by the roadside. I pulled over and set out to investigate. I found a guy trying to figure out how to get his car moving again. It turned out he simply ran out of gas. I had a reserve canister in my trunk and a pocket full of money. This 18-year-old cutie was in for some fun. I just wanted to fuck this dude hard.

The Czechs hate door-to-door salesmen. That’s why I was surprised to meet this cute guy going around. The dude was very handsome, but job wasn’t going that great. And he was just so nice and cute. When I saw his huge dick, I knew he was the one. The guy was really good at taking care of my cock. He moaned loudly when I put it in his ass, but I bet it was more fun than door-to-door sale.

Studio: Czech Hunter
Czech Hunter

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