Bully Him 4

Bully Him 4
Watch as school bullies flex their muscles and “encourage” other boys into having hardcore sex! If your dick tingles at the thought of picking on a schoolboy, then this series is the one for you!

After James Fox notices suspicious scores on the last test, he confronts school nerd, Shae Reynolds. Shae denies helping others cheat but must make amends if he wants to avoid expulsion.

Saying he has a sore back, coach Johnny Ford asks Dylan Hayes to massage him. The boy follows orders, moving his way from Johnny’s muscles to his lusciously hard cock.

While stuck in study hall with a stinky jock, Jack Waters can’t help but hide from the smell of sweat. Jordan Starr quickly catches on to Jack’s weakness and decides to toughen him up.

When Barret Dean catches Jack Waters toweling off in the varsity locker room, he’s furious. Jack is crossing the line, and Barret can’t let this go unchecked. It’s time to assert his dominance.

Bully Him

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