Beach Buds To Bedtime


Like long walks on the beach? Who doesn't? Fuji softens up new model Yuki with a slow, romantic waterside stroll just before sunset. Verrry romantic, and staring out at the sky at magic hour warms up the erotic motors of both these supersexy Asian studs. Time to get a room, guys! Back inside on the bed, it's Yuki who takes the leading man initiative, leaning over to kiss Fuji deeply as he flicks an eager finger over Fuji's nips. He reaches into Fuji's undies and pulls out a hard cock-ringed woody just perfect to pop into his hungry mouth. Fuji kneels with his stiffy pointing out and returns the favor, getting Yuki's dick into fuck-ready condition. Yuki lubes up a finger and eases into Fuji's hot throbbing hole. His fuck-aching erection drills in smooth and bareback. Fuji closes his eyes, in bottom boy dreamland. Skimpy thong undies peel off and two hot naked Japanese fuckers do what cums naturally. When Fuji can't take another moment of his exquisite plowing, he squirts his sperm across his smooth ahirtless abs. Yuki pulls out just in time to add his hefty load to the splatters Fuji wears like a badge of achievement.


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