Asian Studs In Lust


Akira is becoming the go-to guy around Japanboyz. He's the first model we go to to introduce a new model to the XXXciting world of performing sex online, and now he's showing his versatility, in an important way. Kaoru is not known for his aggressive topping skills, but here's his chance to plow Akira and show what a horny Asian stud can do. They begin with the usual kisses and nip nibbles, then slide down into hot juicy oral in both directions. Kaoru slips a slick finger into Akira's hot smooth ass, and realizes here's his chance to give the veteran Japanboy the fuck he just realized he wants.

Akira isn't shy or quiet letting the world know when he's the most turned on or heated up. From the time Kaoru drills his raw cock in, Akira's moans and howls show how much he's enjoying every deep thrust. That just spurs Kaoru on to deeper rougher ass-pumping action. As things grow too hot to hold back, Akira lets his nuts churn out a thick creamy wad that drizzles down his palm onto his lean waist. Then it's time to help show Kaoru the appreciation, and Akira cuddles close as Kaoru rocks back and lets a few strokes get him to a geyser of a hot cum shot.


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