Yoshi Kawasaki

Analog vol. 9 – Cardio


Yoshi’s Anal Log vol. 9
January 26, 2024

Subject returns to his quarters after a moderate resistance and cardio workout. In the exercise room he carried out his assigned routine, but simultaneously used the time to satisfy his insatiable urges. The evidence is visible as we observe a chunky buttplug protruding from subject's anus. He moans with satisfaction as the plug attempts to slide out. There is further evidence of illicit sexual activity as we notice traces of semen escaping his rectum, and the butt plug appears to have been inserted to keep the ejaculate inside his anus. He is plainly in heat.

Attempting to push out the plug, he's barely successful. It is wedged in too tightly. When he manages to eject it a bit of sperm leaks out as well, which subject licks and ingests off the floor. He takes up a recently cleaned and prepared dildo near the kitchen entrance, which was apparently used in attempt to calm subject's rampant sexual drive. Riding the thick silicone phallus, he growls with rapture and urinates as it hits his engorged prostate. Once the urine is expelled and his rectum evacuated of semen, subject appears momentarily satisfied.


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