Yoshi Kawasaki

Analog vol. 10: Drizzle


Yoshi’s Anal Log vol. 10

March 29th 2024

Subject is relocated to a new location under the guise of a work assignment, to gauge his reactions and behavior. Once there, his hungry hole is already heavily worked out from being rammed, but still needs something to fill the vacant space. Subject seems to enjoy the empty feeling in his abdomen from douching, anticipating taking in even more. He douches then teases his ravenous pussy with dildos. Attaching one of the dildos to the glass wall he starts fucking himself. He pounds his ass onto it. He gets out of the shower, moves to the bed with a bigger dildo. Apparently today’s main dish. He starts riding it, and slowly the dildo disappears into his hole. He cries and moans loudly, taking it to the base. His outcries echo through the small business hotel room. His ass and soft limp dick flap around. The revealed rosebud shows his satisfaction as he jerks off against the huge dildo. He rides on the semen covered toy, pushing his own sperm deep into his open hole.


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