Yoshi Kawasaki

Anal Repiration


When brawny macho stud, Spaniard Thiago Boss, finds Yoshi in a sex club, sparks fly and the atmosphere becomes electric. Wasting no time on foreplay, Thiago rams his meaty fist into Yoshi's hungry cunt doggy style, opening him up for the next act. His short pummeling strokes open Yoshi's pussy wide, and his rosy guts are out in the open for public view. Thiago plows in faster and deeper, with Yoshi's moans growing louder. A huge dildo is just the toy to get that hole even wider. Once it's buried halfway inside, it's time for Thiago to punch his fists in as far as they can go. Yoshi's opened up deeper after taking the dildo, and Thiago turns him over to rearrange his quivering guts. With Yoshi upside down, the next dildo slides in further, all the way to the base. Yoshi's gaping hole has a life of its own, breathing and expanding. On the sling, Yoshi gets all the thick deep penetration his hole needs so badly. His pussy fucked out and exhausted, Yoshi's left alone, semi-conscious and dazed with pleasure and fatigue.


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