Ryo, Meet Koki!


Ryo is a sweet, goodlooking Tokyo twink with a lean smooth body and a voice he likes to use to show his approval during hot XXX action. It's his first scene on Japanboyz in a while, and this time he's paired up with wonderboy Koki, who is carving quite a swatch through our stable of horny Asian studs.Tonight Ryo's the hungry bottom and Koki the sensuous top guy, slipping his big raw cock into Ryo's twitching booty. They start out in the usual white patterned robes with tender kisses and nip nibbles, then work their way down to throbbing, swelling crotches ready to get on with the good stuff. Koki knows just what's turning Ryo on by the whimpers and moans, and uses his talented dick to find just the right spots once he's buried balls deep inside. Ryo's sexual heat is turned up to high as his tender insides are stirred, prodded and plowed by a true cocksman. When both handsome twinks are at peak arousal, they can't hold back any more. Koki pulls out of that sweet tight booty just in time to coat Ryo is a thick splatter of his musky male cream.


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